PET / CT with Ga-68-PSMA for prostate cancer

PET-CT is one of the most advanced imaging techniques for the diagnosis of tumours. On the one hand, there  is  PET (positron emission tomography) for the imaging of tumour metabolism using Ga-68-PSMA ("Prostate-specific membrane antigen"), on the other hand is CT (computed tomography, here as "low-dose CT") for spatial localization. The combination of both methods in one examination permits precise localization of malignant tumours in a way that is not possible with other methods. In this way, the primary tumour and possible metastases can be detected and also the possibility of treatment using radiolabelled Y-90 or Lu-177-PSMA can be determined (the so-called "Theranostics" concept). The Cost of PET-CT in this procedure is not covered by statutory health insurance (GKV / “Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung”). We will be happy to assist you with an individual cost transfer application.  

The PET-CT with Ga-68-PSMA may be indicated for:

  • Suspected recurrence of a tumour or metastasis with increase of the tumour marker PSA after removal/irradiation of the prostate ("biochemical recurrence")
  • Exclusion of Metastases in lymph nodes, internal organs and bones
  • Selection for systemic therapy Y-90 or Lu-177-PSMA
  • Suspected prostate cancer despite negative biopsy, such as the planning of a new, targeted biopsy

You do not need to abstain from food or drinks on the day of examination. Please bring all relevant previouse xamination results  with you. Allow a good 2-3 hours for the examination. 

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