Bone scintigraphy (bone scan)

Purpose of the examination

One of our doctors will take plenty of time to fully discuss your symptoms, any previously performed tests and treatments, as well as the procedure of the planned examination.

Next, a trace of a radioactive substance is injected into your arm vein and the first image, known as the "early image," is created, to evaluate possible inflammatory changes. There has never been any report of an allergic reaction to the substance we use. The radiation exposure is lower than that of a CT scan. The substance will permeate the skeletal system over the next several hours, and the kidneys will then eliminate it. This makes it necessary to wait 2 hours until the “late image,” which is for evaluating bone metabolism, can be created.

During this time, you are free to leave the clinic. You should drink at least 1 liter of water, and empty your bladder frequently. This will help to improve the imaging quality. Water is readily available in our clinic.

The scan will be made with you lying down. Then, a large camera (the “gamma camera”) glides over or slowly rotates around your body. This machine is not a closed tunnel. Instead, it is open on both sides, and makes no noise. Therefore, patients suffering from claustrophobia tolerate the process well. Throughout the examination, one of our medical technicians will assist you and remain within hearing distance.

The resulting images will be printed out and given to the consulting doctor.

Your doctor will discuss the results with you during a final consultation. Usually, you will be able to take the medical report and the images with you when you are leaving the clinic.